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GROW with Jarrett

Our interns fulfill the daily responsibilities of our full-time staff no matter the department they are in. Our large intern class arrives each summer, however there is no shortage of opportunities during the spring and fall semesters. We look for interns that are looking to gain great business experience and career development. At Jarrett, we offer internships in various departments including Operations, Logistics, Marketing, Sales, HR, IT, Analysis, Auditing, Training, and more.

About the Program



True to our core value, Civic Responsibility, we are partnered with many local community organizations and take every chance to give back. We offer many opportunities for employees to get involved, including packing meals for underprivileged students, collecting cans for Thanksgiving, and purchasing Christmas presents for children in the community. During the summer, we provide a special emphasis on giving back with our interns and dedicate a day to volunteer at the Salvation Army.


Jarrett is not a place where interns will fetch coffee and make copies. Our interns work alongside our full-time employees and contribute real results to real customers each day. Interns will come away with real world experience working for a growth-minded company.


Our GROW internship kickstarts a career at Jarrett. Just like we promote from within, we hire our interns on full-time upon graduation whenever possible. Interns who prove themselves in their intern roles have the opportunity to grow within their existing department as well as transitioning to other departments of interest.


Interns receive the 50% discount at Jarrett Fitness Facilities, Zephyrs Fitness and CrossFit Orrville. Each summer, we also host an intern-only CrossFit workout! In addition, interns can work out on their lunch breaks along with our full-time employees and enjoy standing desks to remain fit while at their desks. We also offer wellness seminars throughout the year to provide wellness education.

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“I joined as an Intern because I knew I would get a good experience in an industry that is extremely important to everyday functions in businesses across the country. I wanted to stay and join the company full time because of the work environment. My coworkers are a huge reason why I enjoy coming to work every day. Also, there is something new to learn every day in this industry, I find that exciting. My internship prepared me for the professional world and showed me what to expect after I graduated from college. I was treated like a full time employee when I interned so I was able to get the full experience. “

Mason, Sales

“My internship in sales and marketing provided a thorough understanding of how a business operates. I had the opportunity to meet and work with outstanding business professionals from a variety of departments: operations, accounting, IT and HR. The real-world immersive experience gave me the confidence while studying in college, that propelled me into my career in marketing. I’ve stayed at Jarrett full-time because the our company is focused on being people-centric and technology enabled. We hire people of character and enable them with the technology to be successful. “

Gabe, Marketing

“I began my career for Jarrett’s in the PackShip warehouse and a year later I joined as an Operations Intern in the Summer of 2018, working in the PackShip retail. The friendliness and welcoming community I experienced brought me back the following year and put Jarrett’s on my list of potential employers after graduating college this past May. My experience as an intern at Jarrett’s taught me numerous transferrable skills and provided me with many connections that will accompany me for the rest of my career.”

Sol, IT
University Partnerships

Key Partners

Our GROW Internship Program has hosted students from many different universities in Northeast Ohio throughout the years. We’re excited to continue to grow our reach!

Recruiting Events

Ready to start the conversation?

We enjoy coming on campus to meet students just like you! Check out our schedule to see if we’ll be attending any upcoming events at your campus or virtually.

JCU Career Fair

John Carroll Career Fair

We will be joining the 2022 JCU Career Exploration Fair on February 3. We encourage students to reach out before or after by emailing hr@gojarrett.com.

KSU Events

Kent State University Sales & Marketing Career Fair

We'd love to meet with sales and marketing students looking for internships or full time positions. Meet us at the fair to learn more!

Medina School Events

Medina County Career Center Intern Fair

We are looking forward to connecting with students from MCC! If you are a student and would like to speak before or after the event, reach out to our HR team at hr@gojarrett.com.

KSU Events

NE Ohio Virtual Career Fair

Jarrett will be joining the NE Ohio Virtual Career Fair, hosted through Handshake. Connect with our team by emailing hr@gojarrett.com!

SCSA LinkedIn

Supply Chain Student Association (UA)

Jarrett will be joining Akron's Supply Chain Student Association career fair this Spring. We'd love to meet with any students looking for an internship or full time position in the supply chain field.

UA Events

UA Internship & Career Fair

Join our HR team at the UA Internship & Career Fair on February 9th! Connect with our HR team (hr@gojarrett.com).

Want to GROW with Jarrett?
Starting an internship is like starting the first day of school. Prepare to GROW by reading through some of our most frequently asked questions.
Question |

How are interns able to give back?

Answer |

Each summer, we partner with the Orrville area Salvation Army and spend an afternoon volunteering with them. Each month, we also host a jeans day for charity, so interns can give money towards that month’s sponsored charity.

Question |

Is this a paid internship?

Answer |

Yes! Our interns are paid for their work each summer. New interns joining the company are paid $12.00 per hour.

Question |

What can I do to stand out?

Answer |

During the interview, come prepared with good questions. A good question that makes the Recruiter think will be memorable. As an intern, a strong work ethic and desire to improve processes always stands out. Most of all, be yourself!

Question |

Will Jarrett come to my school?

Answer |

Maybe! We encourage you to check out our upcoming career fair schedule. If you ever have questions or would like to help set up a partnership with your school, please send us an email by filling out a form on the website.

Question |

How many hours per week would an intern work?

Answer |

Our summer interns work 40 hours per week. Throughout the year, our semester interns work a range of 15 – 40 hours per week, depending on their availability.

Question |

Do interns get the opportunity to see other departments?

Answer |

Absolutely. Any employees and/or interns can job shadow in any department. All they need to do is fill out a job shadow application.

Question |

Do interns receive any benefits?

Answer |

Interns do receive discounts at Zephyrs Fitness and CrossFit Orrville, which many do use.

Question |

Do you hire interns as employees once they graduate?

Answer |

That’s our intention! Our retention rate for hiring interns as full-time employees is high and we do that whenever possible.

Question |

What types of responsibilities do interns have?

Answer |

Our interns work alongside our full-time employees and truly get a real-world work experience. Our interns have a direct impact on the bottom line of the company.

Question |

What is the culture like?

Answer |

Jarrett is a close-knit, family-oriented culture. Our hiring strategy is intently focused on our core values and hiring through the lens of our culture. When you join Jarrett, you become part of the Jarrett family.

Question |

Do I have to have a certain major to be considered for an internship?

Answer |

Nope! We consider any majors for our internships. While our preference is to have interns with majors relevant to the work they’re doing, it is not a requirement. At the end of the day, we want to make sure that our interns are getting the experience that is relevant to their career goals.

Question |

What are the start and end dates of internships?

Answer |

We consider each of the schools we have representation from and base our start and end dates around that. We typically begin our summer internship programs mid-May and end them mid-August.

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