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Jarrett Warehousing


Jarrett Warehousing is a multi-vertical logistics company comprised of divisions that service our diverse client needs in warehouse, order fulfillment, and customized packing and shipping. Our Leola, PA location offers warehousing and a retail storefront for customized packing and shipping. Our Orrville, OH location offers our retail storefront for packing and shipping. At Jarrett Warehousing, we believe that Perfect is a perfectly good standard.
  • Orrville, OH
  • Leola, PA


Working at Jarrett Warehousing provides unique opportunities for experiences and growth. The company is comprised of multiple verticals which enables an individual to expand his or her knowledge of logistics, warehousing, and packaging. Jarrett Warehousing is a family atmosphere with an office that provides the ability to work collaboratively. Opportunities at Jarrett Warehousing include shipping, warehousing, and customer service. Our values are the foundation of the company and what we stand on in all we do daily.

“I work in the Furniture Direct team. On a daily basis, I answer phone calls, quote shipments, track shipments, and approve freight bills for payment. The best thing about my role is that I get to interact with customers on a daily basis. PackShip USA is much more than just another company. From my very first day with the company, I felt that feeling of being welcomed into a family.”

Leann, Customer Experience
Image of Leann
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Jarrett Warehousing

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