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Every Drop Counts


After attending the Inc. 5000 conference in 2018 and hearing the impactful story of charity: water, Michael and Diane Jarrett donated, on behalf of Jarrett Companies, the funds for the installation of a new well to serve the people of Uganda. The well was completed in September 2020 and is currently bringing clean water to nearly 400 people. Michael and Diane are so thankful that they were able to play a small part in helping to end the global water crisis, but there are still over 785 million people living without clean water. That’s nearly one in 10 people worldwide! We know that when a community receives access to clean water, it improves health, increases access to food, grows local economies, and helps kids spend more time in school.


    REGISTER FOR THE RACE | The virtual 5k will take place from July 19 – July 31. 100% of the proceeds go directly to charity:water and fund projects for communities to receive fresh water.
    DONATE | If you aren’t interested in running or walking, but would like to give financially, you can still donate. 100% of monetary donations are given directly to communities. Check out the link below to see where the money will go.
    SPREAD THE WORD | Part of the solution to bring clean water to remote communities is getting the word out and creating awareness. Spread the word and tell people about this opportunity to give your time, talents, energy, and resources to a community in need.

    At Jarrett, we believe the work charity: water is doing to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries is a worthy cause. We’re excited to announce that Jarrett is sponsoring The Running Water Virtual 5k: Every Drop Counts! Every $40 provides clean water to one person in need. We want you to be involved in bringing clean water to a community of people in need by joining us in this event.

    We welcome you to partner with Jarrett in one of two ways: 1) Register for the virtual 5k, as 100% of proceeds will fund a water project or 2) Donate monetarily. 100% of proceeds that are donated go straight to the funding of a water project.


    ““The topic of clean water receives very little media attention, which is unfortunate, because everyone should have convenient access to clean water. We are happy to help people in need in any way we can. Knowing that one well can make such an impact to so many people is inspiring.””

    Michael & Diane Jarrett,
    Image of Michael & Diane Jarrett

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