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Family of Brands

Old Carolina Barbecue & Orr Valley Creamery


Old Carolina Barbecue brings cuisines from the coast to Ohio! We are an Orrville franchise of Old Carolina Barbecue. Orr Valley Creamery is where fun happens! Orr Valley Creamery is a local ice cream shop, located in Orrville, Ohio, that serves homemade custard, delicious ice cream and frozen treats, salads, sandwiches, and Coca-Cola refreshments in a fun and memorable environment. We’re scooping happiness into life one cone at a time and can’t wait to serve yours soon!


    Working at Old Carolina Barbecue and Orr Valley Creamery are very similar in operations with different environments. We offer positions at the Team Member level (cooking and interacting with our customers), opportunities for growth at the mid-level (Leaders and Supervisors), and leadership at the management level.

    “At Fortis Group, my role is to oversee the operations of the restaurant. Every day brings a different challenge and we strive to be the best human we can be in everything we do. My biggest passion is service to others, and I utilize this in my role by molding inexperienced individuals into confident and independent employees and leaders. I help them develop the soft skills that will then carry on with them into the future. Knowing that I am making a difference, even in the littlest of things, through our interactions in the workplace that will carry over to many more is very fulfilling. We may not realize it now, but without a doubt, they are going to achieve great things… We are working today for a better tomorrow… Why we do what we do is clear: it’s for each other and the community. The challenges it brings and the growth we follow is what helps us be stronger tomorrow.”

    Tanner, District Manager
    Image of Tanner
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