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Jarrett is a third party logistics (3PL) provider with a highly personalized approach. Jarrett offers many services including Managed Transportation, Freight Brokerage, Warehousing, Order Fulfillment, and a dedicated fleet of drivers. Supply chain management is much more than coordinating the process to have freight picked up – it’s problem solving, communication, and resolving potential issues before they turn into problems. Our people and our technology are our biggest assets and ultimately are what set us apart from our competition.
  • Orrville, OH


Our vision as a company is to be the best logistics company in the industry by inspiring innovation and encouraging our people to do great things for our customers every day. The family atmosphere at Jarrett Logistics promotes teamwork and critical thinking, each team member working together to find the best solution. We find that our culture fosters a sense of community, which makes work feel meaningful and encourages our employees to pursue excellence. Opportunities at Jarrett include Customer Service, Warehousing, Driving, Accounting, Human Resources, Analysis, Sales, Claims, Training, and Marketing.

“I enjoy working at Jarrett Logistics because of the mind set of proactivity. We stay on top of tasks to prevent problems. In doing this we have built a strong culture of teamwork and collaboration. We work closely with our peers, building relationships, trust and gaining a sense of accomplishment when we, as a team, fulfill the needs of our customers. It’s about helping others and working together. Working at Jarrett is different from other jobs. It provides a great support system, cross training, opportunities for growth, and there’s a strong commitment to helping each other, doing for our customers, and giving back to our community. It’s a place I feel proud to say I work.”

Sheri, Operations

“What makes Jarrett different for me is the atmosphere of constant learning and development. Its an environment where everyone wants each other to succeed and win. Jarrett has a very team driven culture, where one always feels supported and guided to be our best. Anytime I have questions or concerns, they are answered quickly and with compassion, kindness, and understanding. “

Ric, Operations

“I have enjoyed my 4 years at Jarrett, we push ourselves and our colleagues to greater success in work and personal life. We are people oriented within the company and with customers, community, etc. Within my department we are continuously tested to be adaptable, which helps builds teamwork in the warehouse, making our day to day easier knowing that our team members and colleagues are always here to support when in need, to fulfill our customer needs. I personally enjoy how each day has the same routine, but each day could be so unique and provide new challenges that I can overcome. “

Jake, Warehouse Operations

“Jarrett is different than any other place I’ve worked for because it is always advancing in every way. The company is always moving forward, but not too fast whereas bigger corporations seem to bite off more than they can chew and lose sight of their ultimate goals for both clients and employees. I think the culture at Jarrett has always made the company special. There are so many personalities and people from all walks of life that contribute to the great diversity. Most special to me is the wellness program. I have never heard of or participated in a program so thorough with so much opportunity, and all for the benefit of personal health. “

Mary, Operations
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